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Idyllica - Tus vinos online


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  1. D.O. Costers del Segre
    1. Type: Red aged
    2. Year: 2014
    Idyllica vinos Acusp
  2. D.O. Terra Alta
    1. Type: Young white
    2. Year: 2016
    Idyllica vinos Flor de nit
  3. D.O. Monterrei
    1. Type: Young white wi
    2. Year: 2016
    Idyllica vinos Fraga do Corvo
  4. D.O. Empordà
    1. Type: Young white
    2. Year: 2016
    Idyllica vinos Tramuntanart Blanc


  1. D.O. Penedès
    1. Type: Young red with
    2. Year: 2015
    Idyllica Vinos Albet i Noya Curiós Tempranillo
  2. D.O. Penedès
    1. Type: Young White
    2. Year: 2012
    Idyllica Vinos Cap Ficat
  3. D.O. Alella
    1. Type: Dry white
    2. Year: 2016
    Idyllica Vinos Pansa Blanca Alta Alella
  4. D.O. Penedès
    1. Type: White without
    2. Year: 2014
    Idyllica vinos Vinomi


In Idyllica we love the world of wine and, as such, we thoroughly enjoyed with every wine we descovered, with every cellar we know, with every pairing we tasted... And because we also love the technology, we knew that move our great passion to the internet was the key. The result:; a project developed by the best barrels thinking in one only goal: give you a corner online where you can learn, find and acquire the best national and international wines quickly and easily

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