Somm es un documental que narra la historia de 4 personas que quieren convertirse en maestros sumillers y su pasión por el vino.

Somm is a documentary that tells the history of four people who want to achieve the distinction of "Master Sommelier" (maestros sumiller in spanish), testing their personal lives, their well-being and sometimes their sanity to achieve a clear objective, but not so easy to obtain.

Master sommelier is the highest professional credential can earn globally awarded by the “Court of Master Sommelier” (CMS for its acronym in English). His rigorous examination conducted by that institution covers all points of the world of wines, spirits and cigars.

Statistics show that only 5% of the candidates are able to pass as rigorous test, so not only the skills and knowledge are needed to achieve the goal, also should highlight these skills under high pressure, making this experience an art in the wonderful world of wine.

Becoming a master sommelier is a distinction that has only 202 people in the world, in just 40 years after the creation of the CMS in 1969.

This documentary film will make you think how much you know about the world of wine and you will feel the passion, dedication and obsession of candidates through each minute. Now available on iTunesAmazon and Vudu, as well as in some U.S. theaters, but here we leave the trailer.

Duration: 1 hour, 33 minutes.


  • Ian Cauble
  • Brian McClintic
  • Dlynn Proctor
  • Dustin Wilson


  • Jason Wise


  • Jason Wise


  • Christina Wise
  • Jackson Myers
  • Jason Wise

In Idyllica, we offer some of the wines that appears in the documentary film:

Roda I

Roda I es un vino proveniente de La Rioja, España que contiene 100% Tempranillo. Ven y compra tus vinos en Idyllica - tus vinos online.

Appelation: D.O.Ca. Rioja
Type: Red Reserve 
Capacity: 0.75 L 
Graduation: 14.0 °C
Vintage: 2006
Varieties: Tempranillo
Pairing: meats, vegetables and cheeses.
Winemaking: Cold maceration. Fermented in temperature controlled oak vats. Aged in new oak barrels (50%) and used once (50%) French oak for 16 months. He remained in the bottle for 20 months in storage before marketing.

Pendfolds Koonunga Hill

Pendfolds Koonunga Hill es un vino tinto proveniente de Australia que contiene 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Ven y compra tus vinos favoritos en Idyllica - Tus vinos online.

Appelation: Australia 
Type: Red Aged 
Capacity: 0.75 L 
Graduation: 13.5 ° 
Vintage: 2009 
Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon 
Pairing: Pastas and pizzas.
Winemaking: Fermented in controlled temperature and aged in french and american oak barrels during 12 months.