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El Tapón del vino por Dolors en Idyllica - Compra y venta de vinos onlineThis week, in Reflections of a sommelier can not lose an important issue in the world of winemaking: "The Wine cap". Explore a little on materials processing as well as my perspective on them and how are suited to every taste. Come and discover more for Idyllica Blog - Buy wines online. 

As always, thank you and I hope You Like It!

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Somm es un documental que narra la historia de 4 personas que quieren convertirse en maestros sumillers y su pasión por el vino.

Somm is a documentary that tells the history of four people who want to achieve the distinction of "Master Sommelier" (maestros sumiller in spanish), testing their personal lives, their well-being and sometimes their sanity to achieve a clear objective, but not so easy to obtain. 

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Algunas de las ginebras que se venden en Idyllica - Tus vinos online

Summer is a very hot season, but it is also a time of year where you have to relax, take a refreshing drink and enjoy the sun (always with sunscreen). For this reason, and following our last tasting of gins, we present two refreshing drinks that will make us spend the summer more enjoyable...

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