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Cellar Castell del Remei

Costers del Segre, Spain

Castell del Remei es una bodega de Costers del Segre, España que puedes encontrar sus vinos en Idyllica - Compra y venta de vinos online

Vista principal de la Bodega Castell del Remei que puedes encontrar sus vinos en Idyllica - Compra y venta de vinos online

Foundation year



Isabel Marzà / Ivà Gallego


Finca Castell del Remei 
  25333 Penelles


+34 973 580 200


Web Page

The origins of Castell del Remei dates back to 1780, where the wine is sold in bulk, starting marketing of wine aged in barrels and advanced bottling the second half of the nineteenth century. 

With the help of a winemaker and four families of farmers from Bordeaux, development and aging of wines in American oak barrels began, following the methods of French manufacture. Thus, Castell del Remei becomes the first Catalan winery wine bring to market own brand of parenting and the first in the Spanish to work with French varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillon Blanc. 

Since the 80s, and demonstrating a personal commitment, carried out major investments to revitalize the vines indispensable equipment for winemaking and nurture a team of professionals to ensure quality in each and every phase of the process. 

La Finca del Castell del Remei consists of 400 hectares. in a stunning setting with numerous buildings including the castle stands, the winery, the shrine to the Virgen del Remei, restaurant, lake and waterfall, along with other historic facilities such as oil mill, the flour, the distillery and manufacturing workshops barrels. 

Currently, Castell del Remei manages 140 hectares of vineyards, 70 of which are unique. In order to take advantage of the diversity and richness of the DO, the remaining 70 are farmers in the area, which makes them the advice and supervision throughout the year. 

The winery produces about 800,000 bottles a year, sold almost equally between the domestic market and abroad. 

The wines from Castell del Remei enjoy great prestige both locally and internationally, and has received numerous awards and rave reviews from the press. This and our desire to improve, push us to continue commitment to quality, constant research and teamwork.

Wine of the cellar in Idyllica

  1. Costers del Segre
    1. Type: Red Aged
    2. Year: 2017
    Idyllica Vinos Castell del Remei 1780 2017
  2. D.O. Costers del Segre
    1. Type: Red oak
    2. Year: 2018
    Idyllica Vinos Castell del Remei Gotim Bru
  3. D.O. Costers del Sagre
    1. Type: Young white
    2. Year: 2019
    Idyllica vino Gotim Bru Blanc
  4. D.O. Costers del segre
    1. Type: White aged
    2. Year: 2018
    Idyllica Vinos Oda Blanc
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