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Cellar Antonio Mascaró

Cataluña, España

Antonio Mascaró es una bodega ubicada en Vilafranca de Penedès y puedes encontrar sus productos en Idyllica - Compra y venta de vinos online


Casal, 9
  Vilafranca Del Penedès, 08720


+34 938 901 628


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The Mascaro winery located in an area rich in wine making, as is Vilafranca de Penedès, has developed over 3 generations distillates, cavas and wines. Its symbol, well represented in all its products, is an architectural ornament that seeks to be mythological and fantastic, symbolizing the power applied to the creation and work of Lluís Hortalà, sculptor born in Olot (Girona). Wine and cava grapes come from the estate Mas Miquel, where they try to unite tradition and modernity to wines entered in the denominations of origin Penedès and Cava. The winery mainly exports its products to countries like USA, Norway, Lithuania, China, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, among others.

Wine of the cellar in Idyllica

  1. Licor
    1. Type: Liqueur
    2. Year: -
    Idyllica Licor Naranja Mascaró
  2. Brandy
    1. Type: Brandy
    2. Year: -
    Idyllica Brandy Mascaro Ego
  3. Ginebra
    1. Type: Gin
    2. Year: -
    Idyllica Ginebra Mascaro Gin 9
  4. Brandy
    1. Type: Brandy
    2. Year: -
    Idyllica Brandy Mascaro Narciso
  1. Brandy
    1. Type: Brandy
    2. Year: -
    Idyllica Brandy Mascaro VO
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