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Cellar Pagos del Rey

Burgos, Spain

Bodegas Pagos del Rey es una bodega que se encuentra en Burgos, España y que puedes conseguir sus productos en Idyllica - Compra y venta de vinos online

Vista principal de bodegas Pagos del Rey que se encuentra en Olmedillo De Roa,Burgos y que puedes encontrar sus productos en Idyllica - Compra y venta de vinos online


Calle del General Aranda, 0
  09311 Burgos

Phone number:

+34 947 551 111


Web Page:


Pagos del Rey is, since 2002, an open project and example of overcoming a whole family, the Solis family, which has been skillfully port their concerns and their way of life, in which the wine is the axis backbone.

After the first experience, which was released in 2002 in the town of Burgos Olmedillo Roa, in the heart of the Ribera del Duero, the draft Pagos del Rey increased with the purchase of the Mudéjar castle cellar, SL in 2005. This project has recently culminated in the launch in Fuenmayor, La Rioja Alta, the Pagos del Rey winery in the Rioja Designation of Origin, which in 2006 received their first campaign harvest.

The wines from Pagos del Rey are related to the classical and mythological symbols associated with the culture of wine, so the image of Pagos del Rey itself is the representation of a class of Visigothic origin, dating from the twelfth century and until little could be seen in the Chapel of the Barsadilla, located in the vicinity of the Roa Olmedilllo cellar in Ribera del Duero. Each of the wineries is in perfect interaction with the natural environment in which they are located, in places of great wine tradition in the heart of each appellation.

In Pagos del Rey the rationale is to produce wines of the highest quality in a very competitive market.



Wine of the cellar in Idyllica

  1. D.O. Ribera del Duero
    1. Type: Oak red
    2. Year: 2018
    Idyllica Vino Condado de Oriza Roble
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