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How to Buy


Purchasing items in Idyllica is very easy:

  1. Browse around the different sections of our website, and when you find the wine that you want, press “BUY”. Your choice will be automatically added to your basket.
  2. Introduce the number of items desired.
  3. Now you can either:
    a.  go on buying
    b.  or finish purchasing.
  4. If you wish to continue, press “go on buying” and repeat the whole process as many times as you wish.
    You can consult your shopping basket at anytime by clicking “my basket” (shopping bag icon).
  5. When you have all the products that you want in your basket, press “order”.
  6. If you are already our client, introduce your Login and Password. Otherwise, if it’s the first time you buy in Idyllica introduce your details in order to create your account.
  7. Confirm the mailing address. Attention: the more information we have, the more efficient will be the delivery service.
    We do also recommend that you indicate a mobile number and the preferential hours for delivery.
  8. Select the payment method.
  9. Confirm that your order is correct: quantities and products selected, mailing address, and payment method.
  10. Press “finish” in order to formalize the payment according to the selected method.
    It’s very important that you don’t close your browser and that you carry on with all the steps in the payment website until you come back to

Your order is done and you will comfortably receive it at home in a 3-5 day period.