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  • Terms and conditions

  • Selections

  • Each month the club makes three selections of wines: a selection wines under 10 euros, a selection wines between 10 and 15 euros and a wine selection with over 15 euros. These selections will be mailed to all members of the Club Idyllica and the user will have two weeks to be able to say if you want any of the selections.
  • Discount

  • Belonging to the club Idyllica, all products will have a 3% discount on the base price of the product. These discounts do not apply to products that already have some discount. This discount can increase Idyllica recommending to friends and customers will earn points for each friend who has made the first purchase in Idyllica. The discounts are: 5% for those who have between 1 and 3 friends who have made their first purchase, 7% for those between 4 and 7 friends who have made their first purchase and 10% for those who have more than 7 friends who have made their first purchase.
  • Incidents and refunds

  • For any incident, claim or refund, please contact by phone from the store or our contact page here.
  • Legal terms

  • Personal data relating to members of the Club Idyllica performing an order will be stored in a data file of personal property Idyllica S.L., which ensures full compliance with Data Protection Personal. The recipients of these data will be the commercial and technical Idyllica. Acceptance of the Contractor to their data may be processed in the manner provided in this paragraph, is revocable, without retroactive effect, as required by Articles 6 and 11 of Law 15/1999 of December 13. The Idyllica privacy policy ensures, the exercise of rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition under the terms established in the current legislation, to the File, to the following address: Idyllica, Rambla de Prat 11 , low, 08012 Barcelona.
  • Notifications

  • Any changes corresponding to the general conditions of the club shall be notified to the members of the club with 30 days in advance.
  • How to unsubscribe of the club?

  • To unsubscribe from the club only need Idyllica notify by mail, phone call or when you log in, go to the club page and select Unsubscribe Club Idyllica.
  • Right of admission

  • Idyllica reserves the right of admission to the club, as well as the provide services.